Saturday, January 23, 2016

3 Years 8 Months

1) Fuzzy is still in teenager mode this month, and won't tell Daddy or Baba that he loves them, instead clinging to me with fierce attachment.  However, when said important personages are out of the house, he makes them presents.  We know this is love because he started doing it after watching an episode of Daniel Tiger devoted to the theme that "making something is another way to say 'I love you!'"

2) Fuzz has also taken to saying 'not funny' when he is annoyed with a parental request or command.  When we agree that it is, in fact, not funny, and we need him to go to bed/brush his teeth/sit down and eat, he says, "Stop coppppying me!" in a really aggrieved tone of voice.

3) When he gets even more annoyed, he busts out with, "I'm not your friend!"

4) To complete his lexicon of hateful teenage behaviors, the kid has also taken to yelling, "I hate that!" to a variety of things he loves - mushrooms, rice, etc.  I'm telling you, the Peachy household these days is a real land of sunshine and roses.

5) However, occasionally we do get gems like this:
The Pit: "What job do you want when you grow up?"
"I want to drive a combine harvester!"
"Oh, you want to be a farmer?  What are you going to grow?"
"What should Sprout be when he grows up?"
Fuzz, with intensity, "A ninja turtle!"

6) We went to visit Dina and Noam overnight, so that The Pit and I could go out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.  Noam put Fuzzy in same bed as Sprout that night, and Fuzzy proceeded to hold Sprout's hand and shush him when he cried.  When I went in there in the morning, they were hugging and kissing each other.

7) Sadly, the above-referenced night was the only time since The Pit and I returned from a 10-day Caribbean vacation sans children (in December) that Fuzzy has fallen asleep without my physical presence in his room.  Prior to the trip, he used to demand three "Twinkle Twinkle" songs, followed by a goodnight story, and would then happily roll over and let me leave his room.  Those halcyon days are gone - ever since our return, should I try to ease myself out, there is a flood of hysterical tears, and an insistence that I have to hold his hand until he falls asleep.

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