Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well hello there. I know I've been a rather...absent...narrator, so let's wave good-bye to March and most of April with a few brief bullet points:
  • There's been me, working. Then working some more. Then taking a trip to California and working. Then buying more work clothes, and continuing to work. Etc. The Pit, who was quite vocal about my previous lack of employment and the associated lack of dollars in our house-buying fund, actually moved in the opposite direction, and began complaining that I was becoming a workaholic. Me. Can you imagine such a thing?
  • Besides the working, there's also been me, dealing with wedding stuff. Also a little bit of The Pit, dealing with wedding stuff... but really, let's not kid ourselves, it was mostly me. The Pit was made to participate in a 45 minute call with our incredibly meticulous photographer, whose very detailed breakdown of our wedding schedule almost drove The Pit insane. It's a good thing The Pit does not have to deal with my mother, whose scheduling of this event is even more detailed, perhaps to a...shall we say...unhealthy degree. Breath mom, breath.
  • Also, taking the windfall of my tax rebate (you know, the whole not working for almost an entire year thing does have its benefits), The Pit and I purchased a new mattress on Sunday. The new mattress was actually very necessary, as some lovely and generous relatives had given us a new and enlarged bed as an early wedding present. The Pit and I fell into our brand new mattress last night, and so soft was it that we almost failed to emerge this morning.
And...yes, I do believe that's about it. Work stuff, wedding stuff, and new mattress are pretty much the only developments of the last two months. There, oh my voraciously complaining family, are you happy now? I'm back, and slightly more boring than before!