Saturday, July 25, 2015

3 Years 2 Months

1)  Fuzzy has finally, FINALLY learned to tip his head back when I'm washing his hair - "Oh, dat feels nice!"  Yes, yes it does, as I've been trying to tell you for years, you wretched child.  We've ended bath time in tears so very very often, because *someone* refused to either close his eyes or tilt his head backward when the shampoo was washed out.

2)  Fuzz recently requested to stop wearing diapers to bed, and in a major achievement, slept through the night with only underwear on for two whole nights in a row.  No accidents or anything - and then, of course, we moved.

3)  Upon being offered half of The Pit's falafel pita - "No Daddy, give me real food, dat kids eat!"

4)  Fuzz absolutely refused to go down for a nap, and ran away from me screaming to hide in the garage.  I bring out an M&M, he magically appeared.  "Can I have dat?"  "Well, who gets candy?"  "Little boys!"  "Little boys who..." "Listen! Bed!" and ran to lay down.  After dinner, he then asked if he could have more candy, because, and I quote, "I already pooped out the other candy, and now I need more!"

5)  In preparation for the move, we were in the basement sorting toys when Fuzzy turned out the light.  After I implored him to turn them on so I can see the toys, he said, "No mama, we don't need light.  We can pretend we dolphins, and use echolocation."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

15 Months

1)  A lot more words this month:

nanda = panda
wow = wow
ah ah, or eee eee eee (and assorted shriekings) = monkey
oof oof or woa woa = dog
mow mow = cat
clicking noise with tongue = bird (sometimes squirrel too)
na = nice (always accompanied by hair stroking - he's being nice, you see, not hitting people)
baooo = balloon
no mo = no more
no = nose
boom = boom (he says this when he falls)
buh bye = bye bye

2)  As referenced above, Sprout's word for falling is 'boom.'  In a terrifying turn of events, I found out he isn't really scared of booming.  We were up on the highest playground structure, which includes a pole for the big kids to slide down.  Sprout walked up to the opening, pointed at the ground 10 feet below, and said 'boom.'  I happily agreed with him, until he up and tried to step off the structure anyway.  Fortunately I grabbed him in time, but my rather pointed cries of "no boom!" did not seem to make much of an impact on the kid.  He tried to the same thing again the next day, and now I'm super paranoid whenever we go to the playground.

3)  Unlike his brother, Sprout has never been a huge fan of books.  Until recently, he typically tolerate just a page or two, and then slammed the book shut with a sense of finality.  If you tried to open it again, he would give you a pointed look and slams it shut on your fingers again.  However, this month Sprout has displayed a little more interest in books.  He will now sit for three or four pages, especially if the book makes sounds or has pictures of things he likes.  Pandas and bananas are very popular with him.  We also recently received a book that makes noises of different animals if you press the buttons - the wolf howling made a great impression on the baby, and now he tries to imitate it whenever he spots the page.

4)  Sprout has been shaking his head "no" for a while now, but this month the gesture got significantly more emphatic.  There is no confusion at mealtimes about whether Sprout wants something or not - if he doesn't, he nearly shakes himself out of the highchair telling us "no."

5)  Sprout likes to throw food off his high chair.  Then he listens with a grin while we tell him, "No, no, no!"  Then he sits there and shakes his finger back at us, presumably explaining that throwing food is a "no no no."  Once all the food is cleaned up, the cycle repeats itself.

6)  However, sometimes his powers of deduction are a little bit stronger.  He was playing with balloon on kitchen floor.  Suddenly, the kid peeled up his shirt, poked at his stomach, and said "baooo?" with a slightly questioning air.  His little round tummy was quite reminiscent, indeed.

7)  In another connection, he recently looked at me to make sure I was paying attention, then poked at diaper, looked at me significantly again, and proceeded to poop.

8)  The baby loves to share his food and feed others.  This food is often half-masticated, taken out of his own mouth, but Sprout will not take "no" for an answer.  You will share his smushed peas, and you will like them.

9)  In a major milestone for the family, we actually moved back to California just before Sprout turned 15 months.  We're staying with my mom for a few weeks until our furniture arrives, and thus far the kids have taken the move with equanimity.  It helped that in anticipation of having grandchildren close by, my mom remodeled her backyard and set up a whole freaking playground in there for them - there are so many new toys here, they haven't even had time to fight over them all.  And yet for all that, the kids spend the most time in this old baby bathtub: