Saturday, June 6, 2009

True Blood

Since Dina hasn't posted anything for many a week...ahem...I will take up the mantle of recommending stuff. Specifically, if anyone out there is looking for entertainment of the DVD variety, I suggest you go and rent Discs 1-5 of True Blood.

Yes, it is about indeed about vampires, and although there was some initial skepticism from both of us at Blockbuster,* I'm glad that The Pit and I ultimately agreed to rent the first couple of episodes. We've now gone through the first season in a week, and are pretty psyched that we get 6 months of HBO for free, because the second season is slated to start next Sunday.

I will admit that as a result of the show, I now have to deal with random outbursts of Southern-accented yelling from my partner in crime, but this is a cross I'm willing to bear.

A word of warning: do not research True Blood on Wikipedia, it is a plethora of spoilers.

* I was alarmed that the show might involve actual horror, while The Pit was more concerned that it would resemble Twilight. Happily, the show has little gore and less teenage romance.

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