Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eastern Market

The Pit and I took a little trip to Eastern Market this weekend to try and find some stuff to decorate our blank white walls. For the 90% of you reading from California, Eastern Market is part farmers market, part flea market, and part craft fair. It’s a neat place to just wander around, although the downside to it being in the middle of DC is that prices are quite a bit higher than they would be in more out-of-the-way places.

Anyway, we had unwisely failed to eat breakfast before leaving the house, and somehow the lack of food turned me into a nagging, whining baby as soon as we stepped outside our front door. If The Pit had been smart, he would have stopped somewhere, anywhere, to cram some food in my mouth and shut me up, but instead we drove straight to the Metro, and then proceeded to spend a somewhat…tense…hour staring at each other as I grumbled and he alternatively ignored and aggravated me. It didn’t help that the train had some sort of issue two stops shy of our destination, forcing us to get off and walk in the heat.

This development did not really improve my mood any, and by the time we got to Eastern Market I was sweaty, starving, and completely insufferable. It’s quite a testament to The Pit’s love that I didn’t wind up abandoned at a fancy fruit stand. See, as it turns out, The Pit had…alternatives...to going home with me.

We had some lunch and then purchased a few old maps suitable for framing and hanging in the living room. On our way out, we also bought a largish pot full of herbs, which The Pit was delegated to carry on the Metro. Unbeknownst to us, apparently a medley of herbs is like an irresistible siren call to the urban homosexual, because shortly after getting on a packed subway car, The Pit had not one but two well cut boys in pink polo shirts crowding close, sniffing at his pot, and asking him leading questions about his rosemary and thyme.

It’s a good thing for me that The Pit is immune to such manly wiles, because had he decided to abandon the nagging girlfriend and tried playing for the other team, he could have scored quite the pair of home runs.*

* Heh, heh. Oh man, sometimes I crack myself up.


  1. Oooo mixed herb pot, I want I want! I've been looking for a good one for months, but if I find one, there is always one herb I want, and six herbs I haven't heard of. Boo.

  2. *groan*
    But I am more interested in these 'problems' the train was having. I am pretty sure you are in imminent danger of trains colliding there & thus ought to high-tail it back to cali where 90% of your readership live! The Pit can come too.

  3. Very funny stuff ...

  4. ooohh! i would've hit on him, too, if it meant taking home that pot of herbs. irresistable!