Friday, June 12, 2009

It figures...

So you all remember the TRIUMPH!!! post a mere day and a half ago? I take it all back. I had thought that the analog-to-digital switch could only upset a handful of little old ladies with rabbit ears. But apparently, it affects them, AND ME. And nobody else in the country, except the other unfortunates out there with a dual-tuner Tivo, which is set up to record two shows at once, USING ANALOG SIGNAL.

I'm just a teeny tiny bit upset. Because all that splitting and rewiring and going to Best Buy? Turns out I now have to undo all that in order for Tivo to work properly again. And by properly, I mean at reduced functionality, because from now on it will only be able to record one show at a time.

If anyone else out there is the same boat, I will save you extensive googling: go here, follow directions.

God, being independent sucks.


  1. i'm glad that the switch is finally happening... it seems like they've been talking about it for years now

  2. Only the analog signals broadcast over the air got shutoff yesterday. Either your cable company decided to turn off their analog cable service at the same time, or something else is broken. Did you ask the cable company about it?