Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh frozen custard, how we'll miss you

Last June I came for my first visit to DC after The Pit moved here. All in all, between the heat wave, my instance on walking through Arlington National Cemetery, and my penchant for wearing uncomfortable shoes, the trip could have gone better. However, one of the bright spots was The Pit taking me for frozen custard at Dairy Godmother, a tiny local place with very tasty desserts.

We've gone back numerous times, and in fact chose our current residence partially based on it's proximity to Dairy Godmother and the delicious delicious frozen custard served there. So we were sitting around yesterday, actually contemplating a visit to Dairy Godmother in the evening, when I opened Lappy and saw this story on MSNBC. Apparently, some local informed Obama about the goodness that is Dairy Godmother, and he took his daughters there yesterday afternoon.

So this sucks on two completely different levels: A) If we had decided to go out for lunch instead of having sandwiches at home, we could totally have been there when the freaking President of the United States walked in and got in line. And B) DC is apparently horribly trendy, and now that Obama has visited, it's going to be impossible to even get in the door.

We've been through this before. Shortly after I moved here, The Pit and I wanted burgers, and decided to go to a well-reviewed local hole-in-the-wall called Ray's Hell Burger after a long day of furniture shopping. Except Obama and Biden had lunch there the previous week, and when we swung by around 3 PM on a Sunday, the line had snaked out the door and throughout the parking lot. It was completely insane, and doubly unfortunate because we were already both starving and grumpy by the time we got there.

I mean, I guess I understand that the Obamas deserve burgers and frozen custard just like the rest of us...I just wish their visits didn't leave the places completely mobbed for weeks.

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