Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam and Eve

I know I haven't been posting much this week, but after The Pit came back from his business trip, we were all cuddly and coupley, and nobody wants to read about that.

However, there was an amusing incident the other night. We had been discussing an acquaintance of The Pit's just prior to bedtime, and he mentioned that this girl allegedly had an extra rib. The conversation then moved on,* and we turned off the lights and started drifting off to sleep, when The Pit, clearly still ruminating, busted out with "An extra rib? No one has extra bones!"

At this point, I mumbled something about people being born with vestigial tails, and how that was clearly much weirder than extra ribs. Not being one to let an argument drop, even half asleep, The Pit insisted that an extra rib was much weirder than a HUMAN TAIL, because it was a bone, whereas human tails are merely little bits of extra skin and tissue.

As I too am incapable of letting things go, I then made my fatal mistake and opined that some vestigial tails probably had bones in them. The Pit vehemently but sleepily disagreed**. At this point, there was nothing to it but to turn the lights back on, pull out lappy, and thoroughly investigate the topic. As it turned out, human tails in fact do not have bones in them, so The Pit was right...again. Sigh. One of these days, I will be the correct one, and then there will be much gloating.

* How, I don't know. This is exactly the type of topic we can fixate on for hours.
** There was considerable mumbling involved.

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  1. !!
    People can definitely have nice normal extra bones!

    Additionally, it is not so weird to have extra or missing ribs. Wikipedia acts as though it is common (and I understand that it is)

    So furthermore, even if it doesn't have bones in it, it appears that a human tail is much less common than abnormal numbers of ribs.