Friday, June 19, 2009


So, in a move that I must admit was not entirely unexpected, the lovable paranoid I live with has decided that it is no longer tolerable for random googlers looking for Chayote Salad recipes to know our first names. He has requested, nay, demanded, that I choose a nom de plume, and thoroughly anonymize this blog.

I think it would please me to come up with an appropriate blog name for him. However, so far the best I can do is "The Man Peach" or "The Most Paranoid Peach". I am clearly neither funny nor creative enough for this endeavor,* and Dina is out of town on a business trip. Thus I must turn to you. Any thoughts?

* The whole Peachy thing comes from my Warcraft name, and the less said about that the better.

ETA: Although Nikole Sasha Fierce had an excellent suggestion with 'Fuzzy Little Man Peach,' and Eric came up with a whole Peaches and Cream theme, I think we will be going with 'The Pit' from here on out.


  1. Fuzzy man peach, clearly

    see around 0:55, but really watch the whole thing

  2. Please forgive that last comment. It was clearly silly of me to use my real name. Henceforth I shall be known as Sasha Fierce. And for reasons even I do not entirely understand, I will also now wear what appears to be a robot hand appendage:


    Also, I commented on your blintz recipe forever ago, and I see it's still not posted. I think your blog hates me. (Regardless, I'm making them tonight!)

    Also also: it's really weird to be the lesser-known Dina.

  4. Excellent work on the blintzes. I never got a comment notification on that post, so I'm guessing your comment just never went through. But I'm glad to see that Old Greg inspired you to make another effort.