Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ow Ow Ow

So I'm typing this post from the bed, in order to better contort myself into less painful positions. See, yesterday The Pit and I spent about an hour hauling an extremely heavy file cabinet from my car to our building, and then up several flights of stairs to our apartment. Because I am an old, old lady, now my back is killing me. And really, I have nobody to blame but myself, since I was the one that purchased it.

It was a Craigslist buy, and as it turns out, I should have just left it in the heavily chotchkied house where I found it. All those little angels and babies were clearly a warning to flee! Flee for my life! And yet I stupidly handed over my money, and here we are.

And the worst part is, that damned cabinet is both too big for the desk it sits next to, and entirely the wrong color. So now I have to put it up on Craigslist myself, and try to find something else. Oh, the wasted effort.

On a somewhat related tangent, the previous owner of the devil cabinet was named Jack, and in our email exchange he had asked me to call about a half hour before showing up at his house. So I dutifully call, and get some lady on the phone. I ask for Jack, and in very bemused tones, she hands the phone over. Here's a script of the next couple of minutes:

"Hi, this is Peachy, I'm calling about that filing cabinet from Craigslist."
Heavy southern accent: "Errrrr...whaaaat file cabinet?"
Me, thinking to myself that Craigslist people are the flakiest and strangest on the planet, but forging on anyway. "The filing cabinet from Craigslist. We exchanged emails and you asked me to call you before coming."
Me, now thinking "Oh God Oh God Oh God" to myself: "Are you selling a filing cabinet online?"
"Not to mah knowledge ma'am."

So it turns out that I had called the wrong number, but mysteriously also gotten a Jack on the phone, leading to much confusion, as the Southern Jack had never even really heard of Craigslist, and definitely wasn't selling a filing cabinet there. This was clearly another sign to flee that I completely missed.

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