Wednesday, June 10, 2009


That's right, Tivo is back! And it only took me a mere 9 hours. Turns out the Comcast tech should have taken a look at the Tivo directions, because he incorrectly connected one cable, while forgetting to put in 3 others and a splitter. Do not ask me why it took a gal with a doctorate an entire day to set things right.*

I braved thunder, lighting, Best Buy, and horrifying insects, but with Eric's patient counsel, have emerged victorious. Not only does Tivo now record from all channels, but I can also use its remote to control the cable box.

Between this and dealing with the insect invasion, I'm feeling mighty independent right now. Perhaps even independent enough to purchase health insurance and send off a couple of resumes. The productivity is positively seething in me, so let's hope I actually get something useful done today.

* Did you learn the difference between Serial and IR cables in grad school? Didn't think so. IR cables are the stupidest things I've ever seen, by the way. What sort of cable doesn't plug into its intended device, but instead requires being scotch taped to the front of the cable box? Not only does it look ghetto, but it's freaking scotch tape. The stupid thing is going to start falling off any time now.