Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3 years 1 Month

1)  Fuzzy continues to be amusing.  Here's three representative exchanges.

Fuzz: "What's inside a fish?"
Me:  "Ummm..." Stalling for time while trying to think about how to explain organs, bones, and flesh.
Fuzz, while I'm still ummming:  "Fish!"

Fuzz: "Mama, where does meat come from?"
Me:  "From different kinds of animals."
Fuzz:  "What aminals?"
Me:  "Cow."
Fuzz:  "Nooooo."
Me:  "Chicken."
Fuzz:  "Noooo."
Me:  "Pig."
Fuzz:  "Nooo."
Me:  "Well, what kind of animal do you think meat comes from?"
Fuzz, with utter conviction:  "Polar bear!"

Me:  "Did you go to the park today?"
Fuzz:  "No!"
Me:  "No?  I saw that you and Sprout and Maya were gone, and so was the stroller.  Where else could you have been?"
Fuzz:  "Missing!"

2)  Fuzzy developed a new-found fear of the dark, and of his dresser, and consequently hasn't been going to sleep easily.  In desperation, I resorted to science.  "I'm going to give you a very special medicine called a Placebo.  It makes kids sleepy and gives them very good dreams."  Fuzzy was immediately on board.  "Okay!"  Then, after I gave him a syringe full of water out of an old medicine bottle.  "Hey, this is funny, it tastes like water!"  I played it cool.  "Yeah, that is funny."  Fuzzy yawned, stretched, lay down, and said, "Okay Mama, I sleepy now."  Sadly the sleepy effect only lasted a few days, although the kid kept demanding Placebo for several weeks thereafter.

3)  Fuzz has been a little parrot lately, repeating newly discovered information to the closest person he can find, even if said person clearly already heard it.  For example, The Pitt was watching TV when Fuzzy wandered by with me.  The kid was captivated, and pointing at the action, said, "Look at dat!!"  The Pit explained that it was a game called ice hockey.  Fuzzy then turned to me self-importantly, and pronounced very seriously, "Dat ice hockey Mama!"

4)  Fuzz has been joking recently too.  Although...well, let me just recount his last one for you:
Fuzz: "Mama, I will tell you a joke.  Say 'knock knock' Mama."
Me, complying, although I was pretty sure he wasn't going to be able to salvage this one: "Knock knock."
Fuzz:  "Who's there?"  ...stares at me expectantly.

5)  Fuzzy has also started lying this month.  And he is *terrible* at it.  As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he starts giggling uncontrollably.

6)  I've been fairly impressed, because Fuzzy is actually remarkably restrained when Sprout hits him, steps on him, pinches him, pulls his hair, or otherwise assaults him.  Sometimes he shoves the baby, but usually he just runs to me and cries.

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