Sunday, June 14, 2015

14 Months

1)  Sprout has slowed down on the new words a little this month:
dunnn = down
blowing noise = dandelion
wawa = water

2)  However, he made up for it with loads of adorable noises.  When staying in Tahoe during our California visit in May, he saw multiple bear statues all over the place.  Now he very happily growls whenever he sees a bear picture.  It's quite a credible effort, I didn't realize such a little throat could make that realistic of a growl.  Sprout has also been happily babbling this month, chattering nonstop nonsense in his car seat and the stroller as we push him along.

3)  During our California trip, my mom brought out a set of plastic golf clubs and balls that she had intended to gift to Fuzzy.  As it turned out, Fuzzy was not particularly interested in this pastime - but Sprout took to golf with great enthusiasm, and more skill then I would have imagined.  He was pretty good at actually hitting the giant balls, and also distressingly good at knocking Fuzzy or his cousin over with the clubs.

4)  There's also been evidence of jealousy from Sprout - when I'm holding both him and Fuzzy, the baby will now make a determined effort to push his big brother out of my lap.  Previously this type of behavior was confined to Fuzzy, and now there is twice the shoving when both of them are feeling territorial.

5)  In a potentially linked behavior, he's also been very snuggly with me in the mornings (he usually moves into our bed sometime between 1 and 3 am).  When he wakes up, he rolls over and adorably squishes himself against me, rubbing his cheeks on me and smiling beatifically if I pat him.  There's really no better way to wake up than with a snuggly, huggy baby.

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