Saturday, April 25, 2015

35 Months

1)  Fuzzy has been pretty hilarious this month when it comes to responsibility.  When he wanted to hold Sprout, this was the reasoning: "Can I hold him?  I a big kid!"  And on another occasion: "Mama, can I have my garbage truck?  I pwomise I will be vewe wesponsible wit' it!"

2)  He has also been totally random.  For example, we have these bath markers that draw on the bathtub wall.  Usually he wants me to draw a digger, but one time this month, he demanded that I draw Peppa Pig.  "I can't," I said. "I don't really know how to draw a pig, much less Peppa."  "Just twy!"  So I did.  I drew...something.  It might have been vaguely pig-shaped.  Fuzzy was not pleased.  "I don't like dat face.  Dat face belongs to a tiger dat lives in Afeeeka."

3)  I was eavesdropping as The Pit was reading to Fuzz.  Describing something in a book, The Pit explained, "They are British.  I am American.  Are you American too?"  Fuzzy responded in the negative, "No, I'm not." "What are you then," The Pit asked, and got back the best answer ever:   "Difficult."

4)  I was in the shower one morning, sick and coughing.  Fuzzy came in very concerned: "Mama, are you going to fow up?  I will make you feel better!"  He disappeared, and came back carrying the mug of water I had left by the bed.  "Here Mama, dwink some water.  Dwink all the water 'till you feel all the way better."  After I assured him that the water was helping, he left again, only to come back with a tissue to wipe my nose.  This was accepted with profuse thanks, although I was dubious as to its usefulness in the shower.

5)  In another sickness-related incident, Fuzzy found The Pit's beard trimmer charger.  Not knowing what it was, he plowed ahead anyway.  "Mama, bend down so I can take you temperature!"  I obliged, and he stuck the charger vaguely under my arm.  I asked him what it said, and, with full confidence, Fuzzy pronounced, "46 hours ago!"

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