Sunday, April 19, 2015

12 Months

My munchkin is one!

1) And he's said his first words this month:

da=dog.  He also likes to pant like a dog - he'll come up to them and stand there panting at them, confusing owners and animals alike.  Does he want to pet the dog?  Oh no, he just wants to stand there and pant at it.
brrr sound with his lips = car
haaaa, accompanied by much hand waving = hot
dadum = daddy (possibly other stuff too, I can't really tell)
mama = me!  For a while he's been yelling maaaamaaaaa when he cried at night, but not actually using it in any way during the day.  Then finally, about a week before his birthday, he said it for the first time in the correct context, without crying.  Made Mama very happy.

2) Sprout has also mastered clapping.  Well, 'mastered' might be a tad strong.  But he claps!  Mostly when others are clapping, but sometimes when he's dancing, and always with a big smile on his little face.

3)  In addition to the clapping, there's been a lot of other copying of adult (and Fuzzy) behaviors.  For example, as I'm getting ready for work, Sprout will find my hairbrush and attempt to use it - this usually results in him banging himself with the flat part - but very occasionally he manages to catch some hair, and is always very proud of himself when this happens.  Like the little mermaid, I've also seen him use other vaguely hairbrush-shaped objects to comb his hair - the standouts have been a toy saw and a large fork.

4) I don't know why, but this month Sprout has been the pinchiest of little pinchers.  He gleefully squishes skin between his little fingers, and laughs and laughs as you try to swat him away.  Despite filing his nails at every available opportunity, he somehow manages to have razor sharp claws at all times, so his playful pinching is actually quite painful.

5) In his final act of development progress before he turned one, Sprout began to actually point with intention.  Between that and his milk/I want sign, communication between family members has never been better.

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