Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Per Cat's Request

It was quite the nail-biting trivia event yesterday, and eventually came down to a tie breaking question between our 3-person team and another 5-person team.

The tie-breaker asked each team to most closely guess the number of visitors to Yosemite National Park in 2000. Our considered answer? 3,125,000. The correct answer? 3,400,000ish. The other team's guess? 300,000. SPORKS WIN AGAIN!

As far as moments of glory go, mine could have been more significant, but I'm proud to say that I was certain Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were fraternal (and not identical) twins. A staked his trivia rep on Cynthia McKinney, and correctly identified her as belonging to the fair state of Georgia (whether they want her or not is a whole other issue). The Pitt, as always, correctly answered the majority of the questions all on his own.

However, happy as we were by yet another $25 gift certificate to pay for our dinners, we couldn't help but notice that our margin of victory has steadily decreased each time we've played. This leaves us a little concerned about next week, as we've gotten quite used to drinking for free. Guess we'll just have to step it up, since I think the other teams are getting rather annoyed by our winning streak.

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  1. Our foray into bar trivia progressed the same way. Once word got out that there was an easy score, all the meganerds came out to clean up. Fight the good fight. Maybe The Pit is nerdy enough to hold his own.