Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday is awesome, Thursday not so much

Wednesday I was feeling like a total rock star. I:
  • Supervised an old person and a small child through various stores, a salon, and a diner,*
  • Applied for 2 real jobs,
  • Did a load of laundry,
  • Picked up the The Pit's dry cleaning,
  • Dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen,
  • Organized dinner out with friends,
  • Marked a bunch of quilt squares for sewing,
  • AND wrote a blog post.
It may have been the most productive day I've ever had. However, apparently all this productivity is tiring, because yesterday it was all I could do to:
  • Sit at home with OL for a few hours,
  • Shop for cleaning supplies at Target,
  • Do another load of laundry, and
  • Pick up yet more of The Pit's dry cleaning.
You will note the conspicuous absence of dinner prep** and job application efforts, as well as a total lack of packing. That last bit is especially unfortunate because we are leaving for a week long trip this afternoon, and I still want to get in a little exercise at the gym, as The Pit emphatically rejected OL's fattening up suggestion. I therefore need to put down Lappy and get to to it. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend, and I will return with a plethora of amusing family-related anecdotes in a week's time.

* The small child belongs to OL's housecleaners, who were back to steam clean her carpets. Apparently the child is afflicted with asthma (exacerbated by the cleaning), but her parents had no babysitting options. When they told me this tale of woe, there was really nothing for it but to invite her along on our exciting outing. We must have made quite a sight...OL hobbling along in front, me trying to subtly steer her in the right direction, and a small Filipino girl trailing along behind, babbling about Hello Kitty.
** The Pit sure did when he got home from work. In my defense, I figured we needed to eat all the leftovers in the fridge before our upcoming trip, but there were definitely heating and chopping steps I could have taken before The Pit arrived home hungry and grouchy from an extra-long day. Alas.

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  1. You're coming home! You're coming home! Just imagine all the TV we'll watch.