Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday with OL

Happily, our trip to Red Lobster seems to have softened OL's heart toward me once again. For the first time, she asked me a little about my life. I dutifully related my Jewish credentials, which seemed to satisfy her for a while.

Then she heard that I wasn't married, but that I had moved from California to be with my boyfriend, and she zoomed in on The Pit's intentions. I explained that I wasn't concerned, and that he would ask for my hand when he was good and ready.

Now to get the most out of the following paragraph, picture OL...she's about 4'10'', and maybe 70 pounds on her best days. I was specifically hired because her doctor thought she might be forgetting to eat.

So this tiny woman thought about my answer, then leaned across, pinched my side, and said "Mebbe he's waitin' for you to fatten up a little?"

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