Saturday, March 14, 2015

11 Months

1)  Sprout got his second tooth at the beginning of the month, but has made no further progress.  This is a shame, since the kid wants to eat people food more than pretty much anything else in the world.  He's taken to loudly smacking his lips together when he's hungry - which is all the time, the child has an insatiable appetite.

2)  I've sporadically been trying to teach Sprout a few signs - 'more,' 'milk,' 'water' - and for a while I was optimistic that the kid was a genius and picking up on the milk sign.  Then I realized that Sprout has determined that this sign means "I want."  Thus, he makes it whenever he wants anything, be it milk, food, a toy, or to be picked up.  This is less than useful in the communication department, as his previous sign for wanting something - whimpering - was perfectly sufficient in its vagueness.

3)  This month the baby learned to push himself to a standing position without leaning on something.  He now grabs a toy, stands up, and then toddles around self-importantly.  The toys he loves best are all balls, and he will grab them, clutch them tightly while properly positioning himself, and then throw then down the stairs or across the room with great joy.

4)  In other mobility progress, this baby is a climber.  He loves to climb up on his little chair, and will stand there banging as high up on the wall as he can reach.  I've also witnessed him climbing up the side of his stroller to get a few cheerios I left in the kid's cup holder compartment.

5)  Sprout is so good-natured, that even when he's feeling miserable, he manages to find a way to smile.  Case in point, he caught the latest cold Fuzzy brought home from preschool, and started running a fever.  Despite this, when he heard some music playing, he began bouncing up and down and waving his little fists around, dancing and grinning at us happily.  Of course, he did this when he was supposed to be settling down to sleep at night, but it was too cute to be grumpy about bedtime.

6)  Sprout is still mostly pointing vaguely upward, but now jabs with more emphasis, and sometimes directs his finger ever so slightly horizontal, enabling us to better guess his meaning.

7)  The baby has started sharing his food, carefully taking masticated bits out of his mouth and putting them in ours, then grinning broadly at his own cleverness.

8)  Sprout used to try to eat tissues on the floor - now he picks them up and wipes the floor with them carefully.  He is also interested in the broom, and will happily drag it about while 'cleaning.'

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