Saturday, January 17, 2015

9 Months

1) Over the last month Sprout's balance has really improved, and he can now stand by himself for almost 10 seconds, and walks relatively well if held by the hands or using his walker.

2)  My favorite of Sprout's activities is probably his dancing.  If he hears music, he gets on all fours and sways backward and forward gently, while giving everyone around delighted grins.

3)  Based on Fuzzy's interests, we have a preponderance of four-wheeled toys: cars, trucks, tractors, more trucks, etc.  Sprout has been relatively disinterested in this bounty of vehicles until recently, when he found one oversize car at his grandma's house over the holidays, and played with is as nature intended.  This caused great consternation on Fuzzy's part, as it was the first time that Sprout really wanted a toy meant for Fuzzy.

4)  In the bath the other day, Sprout grabbed the washcloth away from me, and, after first stuffing it in his mouth and sucking it relatively dry, he reached over and slapped it carefully against my face, clearly trying to reciprocate my attention.

5)  Much like his brother at this age, Sprout will now look up as you desperately yell his name or scream the word "no."  He does not, alas, in any way respond to the intent of the screaming, and after carefully glancing back at you, will continue with whatever dangerous activity he was previously engaged in.

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