Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Months

1)  Sprout discovered feet this month, but unlike his older brother, he is not particularly interested in them.  After finding his feet as a baby, Fuzzy would not let go them, keeping 'em in his mouth for weeks and looking like a little rolly-polly bug.  In contrast, Spout desultorily picked at his toes and tasted them a total of once.  Periodically, he will notice his socks and try to either eat them or pull them off, but that is the sum total of interest he has in his lower appendages.

2)  This month the baby rolled from his back to stomach, and can now propel himself in a full 360 degree circle if placed on a solid surface.

3)  In another contrast with his brother, Sprout desperately wants to hold his bottle.  Fuzzy was content to have someone else hold his milk for him up until he stopped drinking from an actual nipple.  Sprouting, on the other hand, clutches at the bottle with his chubby little hands, and so excited is he when he grabs it, that about half the time, he ends up wrenching it out of his own mouth with enthusiasm.  He keeps trying though, gamely shoving the nipple into his nose.

4)  Sprout loves seeing himself in mirror.  As soon as he is placed in front of it, his face lights up with a huge grin.  He can be mid-cry, and then he spots himself, stops, and starts smiling instead.  He also loves it when we nuzzle him and make loud kissing noises.  When these are done in front of the mirror, Sprout is in heaven.

5)  He is walking much better in his little car, but still gets stuck in corners.  When this happens, he makes a few attempts to free himself by shoving straight through the wall, and when that tactic fails, wails for assistance.

6)  Sprout's banshee screeching has returned this month, I think probably because he's working on a tooth.  I can see the white spot on his gum where the tooth should be coming through, but so far, it has remained stubbornly inside, causing the baby (and by extension, the rest of us), much grief.  As you can see below, Sprout constantly has a finger in his mouth, and sometimes, he will even grab my finger and shove it firmly into place, practically ordering me to massage his aching gum.

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