Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Month

Some distinct similarities between children are emerging:

Then there is their preference for sticking the butt up in the air as they fall asleep - although I mysteriously don't have a picture of it, Fuzzy still falls asleep in exactly this position:

But enough comparisons, let's talk about Sproutling as his own person, with his own numbered list of descriptions and milestones:

1)  Although there is a little bit of squeaking, groaning, and sighing, the creaking is Sprout's main noise.  It always starts off softly, and then escalates, like so: "Ehhhh.  Ehhhhhhhh.  EHHHHHHH."  He sounds exactly like a cranky old man getting comfortable in his favorite chair.

2)  Sprout is a patient creature.   He doesn't cry when his diaper is being changed, or when he's being passed around the household like a hot potato.  He just settles into the arms of whoever is holding him, creaks a little bit, and fall asleep.

3)  There is only one issue with him, and that is burping.  Unlike his big brother at this age, he likes to burp... a lot.  After a feeding, I will tilt him upright, and he will immediately let out a large belch.  "Great," I will think to myself, and put him down again to continue eating.  Except things, as it turns out, are not great.  Sprout will creak and creak, eventually escalating to actual crying, all while frantically trying to nurse again.  But this is a ruse!  He doesn't actually want to nurse - he actually wants to be tilted upright again, to continue burping at least six more times.  Then he wants to fall asleep again, preferably on somebody's chest.

4)  Sprout's most distinct expression is a sort of pursed-lip pout, which he likes to assume in his sleep.

5)  While he has smiled quite a bit in his sleep too, he hasn't actually graced us with a real reciprocal smile while awake yet.  But based on what we see when he dreams, it's going to be good.

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