Monday, April 21, 2014

1 Week

Having a second child is a revelation in differences.

1)  To date, Little Sprout is a much more mellow baby, possibly because he does not insist on keeping all his precious burps inside.  Unlike his big brother, he readily belches and spits up when turned upright, and then happily goes back to sleep.

2)  The sleeping - oh my god, the sleeping.  I seem to remember Fuzzy being up constantly at this age, looking around, making a fuss, and insistently demanding to be fed and/or held.  Baby Sprout occasionally has intervals where he feeds every two hours, but for the most part, he goes about four before making his presence known.  In the intervals, he lays happily on his infant pillow and sleeps.  Even loud noises from his big brother, along with the occasional poke and/or kiss, fail to disturb him.

3)  On the downside, once he wakes up, he is a very slllloooowww eater.  He'll latch on for a few minutes, then pull off, and stare at the nipple in amazement for a bit.  Then he'll want to be burped.  Then he'll nap for a few minutes, and the cycle will repeat.  It can take over an hour for him to finally get full enough to really get back to serious napping.  This is all fine and dandy during the day, but can get rather frustrating at night, when all I want is to feed him, change him, and get back to sleep myself.

4)  And let us not forget the peeing.  By the time he was a week old, Fuzzy had persisted until he peed on every single member of the household.  Sprout has been much better behaved, always waiting until a diaper is back on to let loose.

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