Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I know I know I know. I've been derelict at my post. There's been a bit of writer's block, plus Nikole came to visit and distracted me. So er, yes, blame Nikole.*

However, although I have not, in fact, been blogging, I've been thinking about blogging. Thus, there are several posts percolating around in my head, which you may or may not see actually written in the near future. Possible topics include:
  • the fact that money can indeed buy happiness.
  • reason #15 (to pick an arbitrarily large number**) that I'm an excellent wife.
  • a really delicious cucumber soup recipe.
*Do not actually blame Nikole.
**I'm pretty sure that was a shout out to Rob and/or Caren, but hell if I can remember whose joke that is. Remind me, should you happen to read this post.


    I use them maybe 9 thousand times a day.

  2. The use of 15 as a particular arbitrarily large number dates back to Math 21C at UCSD I believe, since that was the number our professor picked to be arbitrarily large when he had an example to show. Paul was also in that class with me.