Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Pit and I have a few philosophical differences when it comes to ideal levels of physical activity. For example, if I came across two paths diverging in a wood, I would definitely take whichever one did not lead uphill. Whereas The Pit, he would probably babble something about an excellent workout, and nimbly leap up the uphill path like some sort of two-legged mountain goat. Witness him during our outdoor adventure yesterday: moving almost too quick for the camera, that one.

Anyway, as I was saying, these differences periodically lead us to minor disagreements about the length of a walk necessary to qualify as a hike, and whether the aforementioned activity counts as exercise. In my book, if I am moving about, however feebly, on an unpaved trail for longer than approximately 15 minutes, I am both hiking and exercising. As might be expected, The Pit has somewhat...stricter...standards.

Yesterday, we had been wandering around the woods for an entire hour, but because this hour included both a bench and a snack, The Pit was unsatisfied. He also made fun of me for being too dainty crossing a stream, and took this action shot to prove it:

And I must admit, the hands do look a bit delicate, but I prefer to characterize myself as careful. Nobody wants to muck about the forest in wet footgear, right?

Luckily for The Pit, the return portion of the trail was all uphill, resulting in much sweating and resting on my part, and happy exclamations about finally hitting a strenuous bit on his. In fact, for the very last uphill portion before we reached the car, The Pit decided I was moving too slowly, and for additional exercise he got behind me and pushed, leading to what I'm sure was a very amusing scene for various passers-by.

On the whole though, it was quite an excellent hike, with exciting flora and fauna seen along the way. Although wikipedia told us that the area was home to both deer and flying squirrels, I saw neither, and was a bit disappointed until we found this guy:

Oh, and also this guy, whose picture I post primarily for the amusement of my father, who has compiled a rather extensive collection of phallic plantlife photos, and who always shakes his head sadly and mutters about having a daughter with no sense of humor when I fail to fully appreciate his Powerpoint presentations on the topic.

You're welcome Dad.

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