Thursday, May 21, 2009


Speaking of sinking ships...this morning, while fixing The Pit's lunch*, I saw a gigantic cockroach scuttling across the kitchen counter. A roach people! Black and wiggling and with many legs. I was so horrified I couldn't even go back to sleep when The Pit left for work.

Also, the hot water situation has not been fixed, so I'm writing this from my beautiful roach-free apartment, oh blessed place with plentiful hot water. I can't wait to officially move over here on Saturday.

* It's true, love makes a person do strange things. I get up before 7 AM (!!) every day, make The Pit toast, and then gather together his lunch. On a good day, I fall back asleep after he leaves. Ah, the trials of the jobless. I hope he realizes that this train ride of love is going to come to a crashing halt whenever I procure gainful employment and am forced to get up early myself.

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